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If you would like any information, a copy of our current Trade or Retail Lists, or to talk to us about our producers and our wines, please get in touch.

London Sales                   Magnus Birch -
                                          Telephone 07557 674 453
Hereford Sales                 Rupert Birch
                                           Telephone 07531 931 701

West Country Sales         Emma Froy
                                            Telephone 07531 169 325
We deliberately choose wines from vineyards whose ethos and philosophy we greatly admire. Wines are produced with minimal chemical intervention and a respect for the environment. The list we offer has been carefully selected with wines that are lower in sulphites and preservatives resulting in a more natural and cleaner end product.
nothing but the grape is a small independent organic wine importer with a belief that organic methods of farming can produce wines of the highest quality.
2011-2016 Nothing But The Grape - Organic Fine Wines
Call: 07531 931 701