Why Organic Wine?

Having organic certification in the vineyard is no guarantee that the wine itself will be any good - what happens in the cellar also has an influence, and this is where our role becomes important. There is no charter governing the winemaking process, and our responsibility is to understand exactly how each winemaker approaches his grapes. Do they use indigenous or industrial yeasts; are they adding enzymes, pectins, oak powder (!); how much sulphur dioxide are they adding and when? Each of these decisions will influence the wine that appears at the end of the process, and there are the two approaches - a 'technological' one which could also be called playing it safe: industrial yeasts and SO2 at every stage, which should bring a guarantee of making decent wine; or?.following through the underlying philosophy of organic farming - respect. Respect for your soil, for your vines, for your grapes - letting the grapes express themselves through the indigenous yeasts, adding as few 'foreign' substances as possible, and keeping the use of SO2 to the minimum compatible with making wines that are protected and capable of travelling. For us, these are the winemakers that we wish to work with - inevitably they take greater risks but the resulting wines are authentic images of their terroir and the grapes they grow. Will there be vintage variations? - absolutely, but if the winemaker is skilled enough, it should simply increase the interest in following his wines : in a great year, the wines may be for laying down, while in a less good one, they should be drunk young and on the fruit.

Winemaking is a science, but it is also an art. The whole concept of "Organic" is to give Nature and its grapes a chance to express themselves in as true a fashion as possible, and in so doing, we believe that great wines are made. Organic wines are not always readily identifiable by their labels. However, we hold certification for all our organic products and copies are available for inspection on request.
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